Tuesday, April 16, 2013

A Lamp transformation: from FAIL to FABULOUS

This transformation had two stages. Not planned tough.
Keep tuned.
I found this amazing Mason jar at the thrift store, already  like THIS, can you believe it????


Oh yeah, oh yeah , oh yeah, big plans for this one I thought ...and snapped it.
And becaus , how can I say, I LOVE to paint and distress my mason jars , next step was easy.
Old Shade...pretty, but not cute:)

Inspired by my previous scrap fabric project , I stripped, spray painted and tied scrap fabric to the old shade. I love this more than sweet result:

ohhhh, cute , uh?
"CATAPLOFT"! A big FAIL!!!....you know why?
For some reason ( excitement? eagerness? rush? anxiety?I am nuts? I am old? I am getting old?) I did not try the lamp switch before buying/painting, so I soon found out a very important detail: the lamp wouldn't switch off......OUCH!
 Ok, Andrea, F-A-I-L!! Should I go back to the old lamp? This sad brushed metal one? 
No! Spray paint alert went off in my spray paint oriented  brain:
 I usually paint the undercoat in black in order to distress with the black underneath , but I was out of black spray paint so I used red paint ( excitement? eagerness? rush? anxiety? ) 

 I think they will go well together, what do you think?
 I like how the red shows underneath.!

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  1. Looks good :) haha, we've all had those fail moments where our best thought out plans dont quite work :)

  2. How cute! I love the blue base paired with that amazing shade! Hopefully you'll still be able to use that mason jar for some other project! Thanks so much for sharing!