Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Simple and Easy Flower Arrangement

A dear friend of mine asked me (???!!) to make some flower arrangements for her hubby's 40 th birthday.
I was a bit anxious to take the responsibility but had to do it, she is such a good friend and our families are very close. Could not say "no".
Then I thought of my inspiration when I think of flowers: my very dear and sweet brother-in-law Darrin whose talent and passion has made  his business into the  most charming and beautiful flower shop in Toronto, Terrain Flowers.
So, here it goes, Darrin, hopefully I won't disappoint you:)
 First, I kept myself faithful to my policy of "reuse or repurpose, whenever possible", and ripped off some leaves off my house plant. Three in  each vase, only 8:)
Vases are taped, embellished  and ready for the flowers

 She wanted something more masculine so I used orange , blue and green

 She was pleased  and I was too!
And by the way, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DARRIN!!!


  1. These are beautiful! Great job! Looks professional :)

    1. Thanks you, Karen! they turned out cute:)