Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Giving my Etsy shop some TLC

After months and months and months neglecting almost completely my little Etsy shop, I finally dedicated a lot of sweet TLC to it these past days and tweaked a bit, added new items and changed 
some settings.
after changing my tags and adding more products I had an impressive growth in my visits ( from almost none to 60-70 a day and 8 sales, yippee!
Some of the items I posted here have already been sold, I am so happy and excited with this new phase of my little shop!

Bridal combs
 Shabby headbands

 Bridal necklaces
 A  somewhat different ruffled headband
 Elegant hairclip
 I love this one!
Ah...and this one was sold!:)


  1. I am SO happy for you. I as well, have some new items to post next week. A third round, or perhaps the second round wasn't fully gone, of the flu, as well as "big school" issues, and I have been AWOL! Again, SO, SO, happy with your success!!!!!

    1. THANK YOU, Sue!

      Can not wait to see the new items!