Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Good Morning!
we went out of power this morning but thankfully it is back so I can post this:

My Craft Room embroidery hoop was featured in two sweet blogs!!!

Rachel, from Adventures of a DIY Mom featured it on her very Terrific Tuesdays .

Rebecca, from My Girlish Whims featured it on her ....Whims Wednesday!

Thank you, girls!!


  1. Congratulations Andrea!!! Now, WHEN are we going to get a few photos of your craft room, girl?! We're waiting...(lol)

  2. Sue, as we speak, I am IN my craft room, overwhelmed by an enourmous amount of mess! Haha

    I have bee working here every night until 1-2 am to get things ready ( I told you, trying to build more inventory for Etsy and the fairs) and there is stuff all around. Messy.
    Fabric scraps, boxes, glue, scissors, Sofia dolls on my way ( this is an important detail: she has a corner in my teeny tiny room too and boy, she creates but she is messy! Glitter is everywhere, paper, crayons, argh.
    BUT , do. Ot worry, will take some before ( messy) and after photos soon and fulfill my promise;)

    Do you use your lovely craft room a lot too?