Monday, April 11, 2011

Burlap Easter Card

Hey, I finally got some burlap!:0)
And I also found this...humm..very good timing...a burlap contest!! These beautiful blogs  Redberry Barn and Craf-O-Maniac  are guests judges and I am surely sending my bid:0)

I decided to do something simple and cute and useful for the contest:
Last  night, after a little crafty brainstorm I knew what to do...
So, this morning I made this:

An easy Easter card to give my daughter on..EASTER!

All you need:

-Small piece of burlap
-Small piece of jute yarn
-A blank card
-Some jelly beans

1. with a free hand draw a basket

 2. Cut a piece of the yarn and glue it on the card, it is  the top part of the basket. Cut the basket carefully (burlap is a tricky boy). Glue it to the card

3. Start gluing the jelly bean ( your eggs!!). I used hot glue

4. More jelly beans....

 4. And the Easter card is ready!!

Hope you liked it!:0)

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