Thursday, April 21, 2011

Easter Decor II

Keeping my yarn theme going ( I hope you all don't think "darn yarn, not again!!") < I made this Easter frame that was both cheap , easy and , I think , cute.


- A small wooden wreath frame ( 1.99 at Michael's)
- Picture frame ( in this case 8x10 from Dollar store)
- Foam Easter eggs from Dollar store
- (Darn) yarn  :0)
-Hot glue gun

1. Start gluing the eggs. I started by the inner circle

 2. Patiently work your way around, and if you want, make more than one layer of eggs

Well, I ran out of blue eggs, so in came the pink one
Still cute? Anyway, imagine it all blue, as I imagined it :0)

3. Frame: Do the same as here 

4. Attach the wreath to the frame. Instead of using glue, I opted for using ribbon, as it is not permanent. I intend to use the (cute) frame for other decor projects,  smart uh?
So I just opened the back of the frame, pass one end of the ribbon through, closed it again and finished with a bow 

And here it is, in place.

humm..or almost..after a while I thought the fireplace was a better place for it, what do you think?

Hope you liked it, I did!!!

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