Sunday, April 24, 2011

Only yesterday...


It is hard to believe that my little girl will be 4 years old in 2 seems that it was  only yesterday that we lived the saddest period of our lives when we lost our baby boy at birth...only  yesterday I found out that a miracle had happened and I was pregnant 2 months seems that it was only yesterday I found out that I was expecting a little girl....she was born only yesterday, our little blessed miracle, our  little baby. And now, looking at her like that, so grown up, not a baby anymore, my little "lady" girl, posing for pictures so innocent , pure and happy, all I can do is give thanks to the Lord for all he has made, for all his blessings, for He is good!



  1. Andrea, Sophia is becoming such a pretty young lady! Amanda came over to the computer screen, pointed to Sophia's baby picture, and said baby! I explained who she is, and Amanda was in awe.

    I SO miss Amanda as a newborn! I just don't miss all the crying, and all the bad moves!!

  2. Linda, linda!!

    SOPHIA está uma gata!
    Seu blog está lindo e de bom gosto!
    Continue divulgando suas idéias , que são ótimas.

    Léo e Renata