Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Easter Decor I


I went into a jute  yarn frenzy  lately  ( still more to post , I hope you do not mind or get bored....)
This is a simple Easter decoration, that after you remove the eggs it  can still be used as your home decor.

All you need:

- Hot glue gun
-Jute yarn
-Ceramic vase
-Dollar store foam easter eggs

 1. Start on the bottom, glue gun  + yarn
 2. Continue the process in a circle motion

 3. When you reach the top, well.... do the same ( it is quite simple, isn't it?)
 4. Almost ready....
 5. READY!

6. Fill with need to glue them!

7. In another one I put some moss that I got from my backyard

8. And some cute pink eggs this time :0)

Happy Easter! "Sweet news", Jesus is Alive!


  1. I totally love this idea Andrea! I have a ton of jute to dig it out! lol Thanks for the inspiration!

    I see you're new to blogland, welcome!

  2. Andrea, What a neat idea! And, by the way, Sophia is growing up to be a very pretty young lady, by what I see in that photo in the background.