Thursday, August 2, 2012

Girl's Profile I and Glazed Frame

I really love thrifting mirrors and frames, mainly the one  that have  lots of details for me to work with. They are so much fun to  refinish, glaze, revamp, etc etc etc.
This small oval was  a perfect one for my project: a small profile of Sofia to put in my craft room.
( you can check what I did with the big red guy to the left here).

So, first, yes, of course, spray paint!
Next,  my easy small project glazing method: one part of acrylic craft paint (black) and 3 parts glazing medium
wipe off and it beautifully stays in  all  the nooks and crannies 
awww...loving it already!
Now, to the second part of the project:
....Profile photo
I used tracing paper because I thought it was easier to see the real profile when traced, does it make sense I wonder...?
I then attached it to the black paper to cut

Add the glazed frame

An additional  shabby touch...
And there she is...
Sofia on the wall...
I loved this profile project so much that I came up with another one....easier!!
Coming up....

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  1. You did that FREEHAND?!?! You are SO my hero!!! Oh yeah, and I love the frame! And, you did that FREEHAND?!

    1. oh, Sue, I just traced over the tracing paper, really easy, believe me!