Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Help me solve the puzzle!

Late at night, everybody in slumber land upstairs, and I am here just browsing my stats just for a change...and I am wondering and I am a bit puzzled to be honest:
Topic: comments....
I know that not everybody leaves comments, actually, by my (short) experience, most visitors do not leave one, but, my oh my, how on earth a post like  this one , my Christmas card last year, has 3646 visits, LOTS of pins, and repins, and likes on Pinterest, and NO COMENT!?!?
So, fellow bloggers out there , in your experience, how is the comment flow in your blog? Do you expect any, or many? Do you  have any puzzling post like this ?
Would love to know!

Night night :0)


  1. Heck, Andrea, I'm just puzzled by how you get so many pageviews! Wow!!! Most people do not leave a comment on mine either. There are a few dear souls that regularly leave comments (thank you, by the way, lol!) but a lot do not, boo! hoo! Not sure why. If you DO find out, please fill ME in.

    One thing I will say, when I've checked out some of the top bloggers, who have, maybe 8000-100000 followers, sometimes they only get 20 or 30 comments per post.

    So, there you have it. That one's a mystery to me too. And, I was such help! Not!

    1. Sue, this is weird but I guess it does happen with other bloggers uh?
      Noy much of a deal, just puzzling.0;)

  2. It's always strange how that happens. I think it depends on the topic of the post and how much attention it gets. I have projects that I loved and hardly any comments and then other things will get a lot and I didn't think they were anything special. Weird...