Wednesday, May 8, 2013

A very generic, no theme birthday party invitation....

For 5 years Sofia's birthday parties have been themed from beginning to end ( Noah's Ark, Pooh, Ballerina, Sweet Shoppe and Butterfly). This year, for her 6th, we won't have a party at home the way I like it and always do, but at her ballet. It will be a craft party:) 
I will have her school friends and it is/was going to be a somehow more generic, less themed party.
Well, not quite, as let me know recently that she  wants rainbows, so I will try to make a rainbow cake and some colourful tissue pompoms and balloons. 
Oh, the craft shall be rainbow related too. 
Anyways, her invitation is not a rainbow themed one per se, as when I made them we weren't going to have any theme at all. Does it make any sense?
These were very easy and cheap to make. I bought 3 packs of blank cards at dollar store for 1 dollar each.
Printed a very cute photo of her from last year ( total: 3 dollars)

With my circle punch punched holes and glues the photo in the inside part of the cards
I printed the info for the party on white paper and glued it to the inside too. Forgot the photo, sorry:(
There you have it, a cute birthday girl inviting  her friends to come and have fun with her!

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