Sunday, May 19, 2013

Rainbow Birthday Party -II

 Sofia had her rainbow birthday party  yesterday and how fun it was! I love how colourful it was and how happy all the kids were doing the crafts and dancing and bouncing around.
Sofia was so happy and best of all, I did not need to clean up after , I came back to a clean and tidy house, as the party was somewhere else. Love this part!
Because the party was not at my house I downsized the decor part of it, as I did not know how much I was allowed to bring, but it was cute and colourful enough.

My birthday girl and "rainbow dash"

"mom, I love it"!
Rainbow loot bags,  you can see how I made them  here.

Treats  and loot bags at the end. Each kid also took home a colourful gym ribbon ( girls) and a rainbow kite ( boys).

Check it out how I made this rainbow cake here.

A healthy touch: a rainbow fruit tray for all the kiddos ! They loved!

 A Brazilian treat that is always present in kid's partied in Brazil: "Beijinhos de coco" or coconut kisses...all I can say...yum yum yum!

I love how cute they were wearing the bow and flowers I made ! Check it out here! 

 Craft time! They made a rainbow window catcher with paper plates cut in half,  paint and crepe paper.

 And of course colourful sugary treats!



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  1. Gigia linda, vc é a minha inspiração maior!!!!
    Muito bom a festa da princesa Sossô ser antes da do Nando pra eu poder roubar umas ideias!
    Como sempre vc fazendo festas lindas pra Sossô.
    Ela tá linda e o cabelo? Gente como cresceu!
    Tá banguelinha? E deu trabalho pra tirar o dente? Foi em casa mesmo?
    Fala pra ela q el tá liiiiiinda!!!!
    Gigia Fabiiii!

    1. Obrigada, Gigia Fabi!

      A festa foi mesmo muito divertida, e que mais gostei eh que nao precisei arrumar a bagunca depois hahah

      Ela adorou e os amiguinhos tb.

      O cabelo tah diferente, mas ainda eh lindo:)
      Banguela fica com mais cara de sapeca neh?
      Tirou em casa mesmo, no carro, hahah

      E olhem copie tudo que quiser pra festinha de Nando!

  2. Ok, now that's just teasing us girl, just teasing us! You show us a Brazilian treat present at most birthday parties, but don't give us the recipe! SHAME ON YOU, lol!

    1. hahahah I will post or send you the recipe. this is one serious yummy treat , Sue:)

  3. Aww! Your party is so cute! Your daughter looks like she LOVED it! I would love for you to come share it at my link party; Party In Polka Dots if you have a chance!

    Super cute!


    1. Thank you, Shelley!

      My daughter really really enjoyed it, and this alone makes me happy:)

      I shared this post in your party. Thank you so much for you invitation!

  4. What a fun party! You have shared some wonderful ideas! I'll be featuring this on my blog on Saturday!

    Thanks for linking up!

    1. Thank you! This is awesome! So glad you like it!

      Thanks again!!!

  5. There's no doubt that you all had fun in Sofia's birthday party. Rainbow is definitely a good theme for your little angel's birthday. Kids love colors. Anyway they love the food, the paper plate painting, and the party bags. But I think the kids enjoyed the sugary treats the most. Sweet, indeed! #Tucker @