Tuesday, May 7, 2013

American Doll "Hole Bible"

We have a very blessed habit in our church that requires children to memorize scripture. And the children's program is very God oriented since day one, at the nursery. Boy, I  can see the fruits coming out in Sofia these days . What a blessing.
Sunday she wanted to take her American Doll to church, dressed in her very best, but she said to me that something was missing, that the doll needed to have a Bible!:)

In my rush to get ready I kinda dismissed this "need" and went ahead getting myself ready.
All I could hear was she asking me where the scissors were and also asking her daddy how to spell "life". Only word she needed help with. Or so she thought :)
Minutes later she proudly showed me the " HOLE BIBLE" she had made to her doll, spotting her favourite Bible verse.

Gotta love kid's misspelings!
Cuteness in its highest! 

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