Thursday, May 17, 2012

Five Years Ago...

(Wrote yesterday, forgot to post, so many things to do and celebrate that day....)
Five years ago the Lord gave us our  best gift, when our hopes for a baby were slim. At age 41, after a loss, bleak times expected ahead, but every thing is possible to God: He gave us  our little baby girl , our miracle baby (as some say) Sofia Ava. 
She came after much pain and suffering..after a loss...the loss of our first baby, ( sorry, in portuguese)  our baby boy John Patrick, who had a fatal disease and wouldn't survive outside my womb, according to God's will, which, one day, will be understood.
Well, our Lord knows best and knows all, and almost a year after his passing, we had Sofia, on May 16, 2007. A perfect and healthy pregnancy, a fast delivery, no drugs no nothing!( well, I had coffee right after, this was my drug:)

She loves the Lord...
She is caring and loving and takes her teddy to the hospital...
She has mom 's creative side...

She has a  "refined" sense of humour...."dog poop", she wrote - or tried to - on top of " Fresh lemonade"   

She is funny and loves her beloved best friends

She is a blossoming make up artist...( in the above: sharpie pen "lipstick"!)

 She is our beautiful ballerina

She has loads of energy...

She is our gift, our miracle, our baby girl who is now a little lady!
So smart, special, talented, joyful, caring, happy, funny, God loving, and best of all, she is ours!

Much Love,


  1. Gigia!!!!
    E depois vc vem dizer que eu e a Fabi é que temos uma história linda.....
    A de vcs é demais!
    Sofia é mais que um milagre, é o amor de Deus em pessoa.
    Parabéns pra ela e pra vcs!!!

  2. Absolutely beautiful!!!!!.....just like all of u.

  3. She is growing into a very attactive young lady! And that hair, oh, that hair!!! You are going to have the guys beating down your door!

  4. Ai meu Deus do céu!!!! Ela é e sempre foi LINDA!!!!

    Lindas as fotosdela na fase Pilicopilica!!!,

    Parabéns princesa Sofia!

    Parabéns gigios!!!

    Gigia Fabi.

  5. Cadê as fotos do Neversário????.


    Gigia Fabi.

  6. Facetime me to see tears! Love all you wrote, love all the pics, love you!