Saturday, May 5, 2012

My thrift findings

Last week my was hubby away and I made good use of having the car all week long all for myself: hit the thrift stores! haha  I love  this...

My de-lovely findings:
Golden wood mirror. Horrible patina, lovely size, shape, details AND prize: 2.99

Barbie case, for Sofia's barbies   weeny tiny  clothes that I find all over the house!!!

Two frames , ugly golden patina , perfect details for glazing/antiquing!
My weak point: I love to read about the Kennedys.
Nice metal container/vase for my tropical tree in the living room...ONE DAY , maybe, who knows,  I may paint it, but for now still liking the brass finish 
Cute butterfly "thing" - what is this for anyways? I have big plans for it...hold Sofia's headbands and hair clips that do not fit in her other storage .
Fits the colour scheme and won't feel lonely  there with the other butterflies Sofia has already on her bedroom door.
Exotic wood carved face. To honour my African roots. I like that it doesn't have a " made in china" or "walmart" tag on the might be really from Africa? only 7.999, worth the risk!

This box.....I dunno what is for, but I just fell in love with ..the hardware haha ..this is me. I plan to refinish it and  use it as  a decoration item, for I guess it is useless? :0)

 Beautiful big new tote that fits all my junk inside. I doubt it was ever used. I love the 7.99 price tag

This old navy wool coat has satin lining, I think it was never used and it has a beautiful tan colour, and I love the solar and the lines.
That is it.  A very happy thrifty girl.

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  1. Wow, looks like you hit the jackpot! I guess, my advantage is I have use of tghe car all the time, since my better half has the company truck. Now, if only Amanda's "schedule" would slow down some, I could get to more places. But then, I would spend more money, hmmm...have to think that one over...