Saturday, May 5, 2012

Spray Paint Frenzy

Last week I went into a kind of trance and in my frenzy I started spray pairing everything  could put my hands on! Crazy woman! haha
I LOVE spray paint, have lots of them in my basement and I really like the practicality of if. Oh, one or two coats of paint can rejuvenate anything!
I wish they invented a spray paint for middle aged woman! haha
I basically revamped old and ugly mirrors/frame I had or got at the thrift store and boy, I am so pleased.
Cheap way to have new stuff in my house for pennies!
 The "culprits"
 Old frame
 Od frame transformed into chalkboard frame
 Thrift store magazine rack
 Thrift store (ex) golden mirror
Thrift store (ex) golden ugly frames 
I have tutorials as well as " before and afters" of most of these exciting transformations, so hang on , here they come!

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  1. Yeah, I can relate to the spray paint collection, lol!