Monday, May 28, 2012

Paper butterfly mobile

My favourite creation for Sofia's butterfly party...a butterfly mobile.
You do not need much....
Paper butterflies...perfect job done by my best friend....fellow butterfly pal the Cricut!!

Dollar store wire and lots of patience to tangle them whenever you victim was my chandelier hahah
Hot glue to attach the flying beauties...a piece of advice: do this after breakfast ( or your best meal), when your baby, if you have one, is napping, and do not take phone calls while working on it,   for you will need energy  and lots of time! :0)

And...DON'T be shy, and ask for help when/if needed!

And after an hour or so...sit back and  enjoy your creation!

Again, hubby rolled his eyes! hahahah
Doesn't matter, for I am in  love with my mobile!

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