Thursday, May 3, 2012

I need to show up here!

Oh, well, why do I feel a little bit disheartened when everywhere I read about bloggers enjoying their flowers, the backyard, digging, planting, and I still have to deal with ......
THIS! yes, snow here ...still,..May....please, someone save me! hahaha
In the meanwhile , I have been crafting a lot; only for some reason not having enough quite time to sit and load everything here. I dunno know about you, but as far as I am concerned , the biggest challenge in being a blogger/crafter  ( for me) is not finding inspiration and making crafts , but finding  the time to write a post itself, pick the best shots, upload them, write the post, check, re-check, etc etc etc.
Being a stay at home mom with no family around and having a 5 year old that  wants to play WITH MOMMY 24 hours a day, well boy, it is hard to keep my posting updated. It is easy to craft with her around as she is creative as well and love to help me/make things too. But when it comes to sitting in front of the computer this is another story:0)
So please, be patient with me, I have made lots of stuff lately, just have to find the time to show you!

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