Thursday, July 5, 2012

Fern plus chalk = Beautiful table arrangement

Wanted to decorate my dinning table for my brother in law 's visit and wanted flowers! Because he is amazing and has this gorgeous flower shop in Toronto.
BUT, could not find any flowers that would measure up to the occasion...
Saw this beautiful fern...and so cheap! 12 bucks!
Problem, late at night, got home no nice container, only the ugly plastic container it came in...
SOLUTION: chalkboard paint...
a not very creative writing..FERN...and my table looks amazing!
Detail: could not wait for the 24 hours drying time and it worked fine.

note: my florist BIL loves it!

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  1. VERY creative! Can you believe that I've yet to use chalkboard paint! Although, I think I have found a spot in our kitchen...more on that.

  2. loooove chalkboard paint - this is so simple and PRETTY!

    Thanks for sharing at "20 Below Thursday"! :)