Friday, July 27, 2012

Gotta love kids drawings!

I usually LOVE Sofia's drawings as she is very creative and funny ( I have been collecting them since she was 2 and now at age 5,  I have 2 full baskets)....but these latest ones are two of my favourite of all times...why?
This one was actually a "plan" she has devised while me, her daddy, her aunt and her nana ( happy faces with arrows pointing at us) were having supper over the backyard deck: She would come ( girl with the arrow pointing up) dressed as a ghost and scare us (gotta love the look on our faces being "scared"..LOL
She was so very disappointed when I found out about the plan ....
The "4 phases of the sun" above is a sketch she kindly made for a 3 year old friend in order to "teach her how to draw a sun" LOL!!
This is my Sofia...:0)


  1. Gracinha, Gigia.

    Ela tem um desenho muito bom mesmo para os 5 anos, viu?

    Parabéns Sossô!!!

    Gigia Fabi.

  2. Once again, Sophia definitely likes art, and Amanda...nothing...

  3. ah, she will warm up to it, Sue, I am sure!