Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Thrifted Treasures I

I have lots of treasures that I have been buying these couples of weeks but did not have the time to sit here and show you!
So not it 's time!
The first two items are from a garage sale ...this day was sooo funny. My husband says I am crazy LOL... am I?
I took Sofia early in the morning, as she loves garage sales like me, drove to the other end of the city and found nothing worthy on those garage sales.
As I was driving home empty handed and disappointed,  right next to our house, I spotted ....a garage sale, haha my own neighbour!
I was a bit skeptical that  I would fine anything worthy but VOILA, for my utter surprise AND joy I found 2 interesting ( and useful ) pieces... AND I spend...( please I need rumbling drums) 60 cents!!!!
The brand new pop corn maker was 50 cents, NEW, my kitchen accent colour and needed as Sofia loves pop corn and my microwave is broken...welcome home red beauty!

This  different scrabble game is awesome...all Sofia has to do is roll the device to make words!! PERFECT for kindergarden time! and...10 cents!!!

LOVE my winter cap found at Vallue Village. 

For 99 cents each this threesome has lots of potential..can you see paint and glazing ? birdies as cute as they are are out and I am already thinking what I will put inside...humm...
THIS desk is my pride and joy! Chrome, vintage, sturdy, so 50's  and in PERFECT condition.
Cost: 22.50 dollars...sigh....
It is becoming an addiction...soon I will need bed rest, behaviour  therapy and heavy medication but I love it! Lol

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  1. Man, oh man, did you get some killer deals, girl!!! Amanda has only gone to, maybe two garage sales because I haven't wanted to hear the "I'm bored, when are we going to leave". It would really mess with my "groove" if you know what I mean. And, the only reason she went to those two, was because Mike was with me at the time. Normally, I head out to them around 7:45, when both of them are still asleep in bed. By the time I get back, he has made a large breakfast, and they are half finished. And, then I proudly show off my finds to them.