Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Thrifted Treasures II

After thrifted treasures I...comes thrifted treasures II, right?

Perfect leather case for my small Bible, my pen and my little notebook

 All these above are from a garage sale...I spent 13 dollars total....YAY!
-A beautiful vintage desk lamp I will give some fresh coat of spray paint and put in my craft room.
-8 wine glasses,  10 cute little glass bottles perfect for my beads
-a new curves gym bag ( with an insert to put the sneakers without messing uo with your clothes inside, so cool! it was 1.50 !)
-a glazing/marinating bottle, with measurements, perfect for barbecue.
-a metal yellow box  to put my beading tools, ah, one dollar!

it is beautiful, vintage and it works, for 3 bucks!
 These are from a second hand local store called Previously loved ( love this name)...
 a Mary Kay case that I will use for my tweezers. And I will never loose my small mirror again!
This cute box frame is already distressed (!!) and has a lovely hanger. The creepy  dry flower is going out of course!

 A very new CK wallet , just beautiful , for 4 bucks! 
 This lovely dictionary will come very handy in a few years of Sofia. 

 AAAh, I  was so happy to buy this drawer divider for 2. 99! Sadness overcame me very rapidly...when I got home it does not fit ANY of my ( many ) drawers...well, will  find some use for it, I am sure.

Gorgeous leather sandals....I also love the metal necklace for 99 cents!
Now, my pride and joy for this week's thrift  tour:

Still in the original packaging  a new IPAD case for 2.99
I searched online and it costs  ahem 69.95 dollars, yikes!
I rest my case.( haha no joke!)
Thrifting is the way , gals!


  1. I agree, I agree! Very well done! You make me proud, lol!

  2. Great colour blending Adrianne! There are some fabulous prints in this mosaic! Clever name too! Good luck in the competition! If you make anything in white color then it will be happy because that's my favorite color. see

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